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07.08.2017 11:36
Chapter 43 MBS light novel
We’d been at the dance for a few minutes when Zac dragged me onto the dance floor. He was forceful about it, almost too excited, but I did it for Robb. His friend wanted more friends, and I could sympathize with it. I only had Robb and Crystal, after all, and Zac wasn’t a bad person. He... more
“Rise and shine!” The shrill cackle awoke Reena from her unconscious state. “Huh?” she groaned, forcing her heavy eyelids open. The first thing she saw made her cringe—a wrinkled visage contorted with maniacal amusement. “We’re already behind schedule,&rdquo... more
When the initial stupor had passed, I grabbed Eric’s sleeve and dragged him away from the main road. I dropped my bag on the ground and squatted, rummaging through its capacious inventory. Eric shifted his feet nearby, clueless as to what was causing the delay. Finally I found what I was looki... more

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